Steve Velasquez, III has been working in the food industry for over 40 years, and our family’s history runs even deeper. The Velasquez side, originally from Mexico, has been in Texas for three generations, and has developed a culinary history that can truly be called “Tex-Mex.” Steve’s grandfather originally cooked in Pullman railcars and then served as head cook in a seafood kitchen for 40 years. Steve’s dad was a Dallas County Sherriff who used to dedicate entire days to cooking his legendary seafood gumbo, which hasn’t been made since his death in 1979. While most of the Velasquez family recipes are decidedly Tex-Mex, Steve’s great-grandfather was French, and some of our recipes contain hidden French touches—one of the things that truly sets us apart.

Steve’s wife, Jackie (nee Polk), brings an entirely different set of traditions to the table. Coming from a family that has deep Southern roots, Jackie adds homestyle goodness like the Mac-N-Chees that tops our award-winning Deep Fried Mac-N-Cheese sliders.

After spending the 1970s working for other restaurateurs, Steve opened the Velasquez Mexican Restaurant on Samuell Boulevard in Dallas in late 1979. The restaurant was successful, with its Chile Rellenos collecting especially good reviews. Ten years later, in 1989, Steve closed the restaurant to focus his attention where it was needed most: his growing catering and concessions business, and his growing daughter.

Since 1989, Velasquez Catering and Concessions has been providing visitors to the State Fair of Texas as well as private catering clients the best in Tex-Mex, Fair Food, and classic American fare. We know that food is not only taste; it’s culture and it’s history. We love knowing that when our customers bite into a corn dog or turkey leg, they’re remembering the State Fairs of their childhood. Food is a big part of our family’s history, and we love being able to share it with you.

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