Deep-Fried Sweet Tea Featured in Eater Dallas!

Deep Fried Sweet Tea

Eater Dallas just published their roundup of new State Fair of Texas fried foods, and we were honored to see our Deep-Fried Sweet Tea sitting right at the top of the list.

Developing a new fried food is a lot of work and involves both art and science. Not only do we have to come up with something that tastes great, but we have to figure out how to produce it at scale to satisfy thousands of hungry fairgoers. Inspired by this year’s Fair theme, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Stephanie developed the Deep-Fried Sweet Tea concept in our home kitchen. After lots of trial and error, conversations with trusted friends/advisors, and many tastings, we finally landed on a recipe that we liked. Then, our head honcho Steve took our recipe to our commercial kitchen, where he built a process to mass-produce our new creation.

You can find Deep-Fried Sweet Tea at all three Velasquez Catering & Concessions locations at the 2014 State Fair of Texas:

  • In the Grand Place building
  • On MLK Blvd, between the Ferris wheel and the fountain
  • On the Funway, next to the Log Flume Ride

See you at the Fair!!